AZDOME WIFI GPS 4K Dual Dash Cam 2160P Front & Rear Car Cameras Night Vision M300S


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【4K Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear】The AZDOME M300S Dash Cam features a high-quality 4K (2160P) UHD front camera and a 1080P rear backup camera. This advanced configuration ensures that you can capture clearer footage, allowing you to easily capture license plates even from a distance. The rear camera is equipped with a convenient 360° adjustable feature and comes with a 27ft extension cable, making it suitable for use in various vehicles such as cars, SUVs, jeeps, and trucks.

【Built-in Wifi & GPS】M300S Dash Cam offers convenient features to enhance your driving experience. It comes with a built-in GPS that provides real-time location tracking, accurately displaying your driving route and speed. Additionally, the dash cam is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to easily and quickly transfer recorded video files to your smartphone. You can also use the AZDOME app to conveniently view and share your recorded videos with friends and family on social media platforms.

【Hands-Free VOICE Control】The M300S smart car dash camera offers an innovative solution for hands-free operation. With its advanced voice command feature, you can conveniently control the camera without the need to use your hands. Simply speak the voice commands in English to perform various tasks such as taking photos, recording videos, and more. This allows you to travel with ease and peace of mind, as you can effortlessly control the camera while keeping your hands on the wheel. Please note that the voice command feature is available only in English. “Turn on/off WiFi, Take picture, Open/Turn off recording, Lock the video”

Voice command

Say a command, but ONLY support English.

To turn on WiFi, say Turn on WiFi

To take a picture, say Take picture.

To stop recording, say Turn off recording

To turn off WiFi, say Turn offWiFi

To start recording, say Open Recording

To lock the currentvideo files to prevent from deleting, say Lock the video

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